Living Well by Design

Singles and Individual Counselling are for adults who are currently not in a relationship or those who are, but are looking to focus primarily on their individual or personal experiences independent of their partner.

You may be looking to explore a single question such as “Am I ready to move to another city for work”, or maybe one of life’s bigger questions such as “What is my purpose in life”, or you may be wanting to work on a more practical question such as “How can I cope better as a single parent?” You may be experiencing a general uneasiness and just want to run some ideas past someone who is able to offer a more objective view than family and friends.

As we work together, I help you to explore as many avenues as possible that may provide insights into what may work best for you in the situations you are working with. I am known to encourage clients to stretch into areas that may feel uncomfortable at first, but may be necessary to consider when looking to make changes in their lives that will take them from where they are to where they want to be.

Whether you are feeling a bit uneasy, or you find yourself with a major life challenge, call me today to schedule an appointment and let’s get started because YOU MATTER!