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Couples & Relationship Counselling
St. Albert, AB


Consciously Build a Life You LOVE

Many people start counselling because they realize that the life they're living doesn’t line up with the life they want. They're looking to talk with someone who can help them make effective changes in their lives that move them from where they are to where they want to be.

If you’re seeking couples’ counselling, individual counselling, discernment counselling, or marriage counselling, the professional care provided by Wendy Hart can help you find clarity, and develop skills and awareness needed to take the next step in your life. Live the life you want by getting professional support today. 

Here at Living Well by Design, we see couples from Edmonton and all surrounding areas including:

Whether you need to create more intimacy or learn to appreciate the differences between you and your partner, develop new tools to make every day more satisfying and enjoyable, or establish an amicable end to a marriage, partnership, or relationship, the counselling offered by Wendy Hart at Living Well by Design can make a real difference.

Counselling and therapy are not something to be feared; embrace change and create your new life by learning skills that will benefit you in all your relationships:

  • Work   
  • Family   
  • Friends   
  • Self

Get real, in-person, individualized help today; counselling can help all individuals who are married or single, struggling in a relationship, or seeking guidance to live a better life.

You CAN create an amazing life by living your life by design  rather than by default.


How Can I Support You?


My name is Wendy Hart and I’m a Registered Psychologist practicing in St. Albert, AB.  I’m excited to announce that I am now serving clients in the Edmonton Region as well as all neighbouring areas.  

I have to tell you, I’m absolutely thrilled that you’ve found me through my website, and WELCOME!

At Living Well by Design, I help my clients create fulfilling relationships. It may be the relationship you have with yourself, a relationship with a family member, co-worker, a new romantic relationship, a relationship in the “stuck” stage, or even a relationship that may be looking to end.

Many people don't realize how capable of change they actually are. Do you realize how much YOU MATTER when it comes to changing your life and relationships? Your dreams, your desires, your thoughts, your worries, your stories, and your strengths: These are at the center of our work together.

You have the power to design a life you truly love. It's my  job to teach you how to do that.

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