Individual Counseling

1 hour session: $180

1.5 hour session: $270

Couples Counseling

First Session (1 hour): $180

Follow-up Sessions (90 mins): $270

Couples Intensives* (3 hours): $540

*What are "Intensives"? Sometimes couples want and need more than their regular 90 minute session to work through an issue with therapeutic support. For these couples, we schedule a 3 hour intensive to do focused work. 

Discernment Counseling

First Session* (2 hours): $500

*A 20-minute phone interview with me is required for each partner before meeting for the First Session. (No additional fee.)

Follow-up Sessions** (90 mins): $375

**Discernment Counselling is short-term work, typically lasting between 1-5 sessions (not to exceed 7 sessions).

Payment Methods

Accepts Blue Cross Direct Billing, VISA, MasterCard, Debit and cash.

Fees are subject to change.