About Wendy Hart

Registered Psychologist
St. Albert, AB

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Purposeful • Inspiring • Effective Counselling


Hi, I’m Wendy. My official title is a Registered Psychologist, but you might also think of me as a relationship expert, or a relationship educator, as well as your personal psychological mentor.

If you desire a beautiful life and fulfilling relationships, I'd like to help you create them. I work with people who feel stuck in moving forward in life because they don’t know HOW to go deeper in their understanding of themselves, or they don’t know WHAT IT TAKES to create deep and long-lasting connecting with others.

Education & Professional Background

  • B.A., Concordia University College, Edmonton, AB

  • M.Ed. University of Alberta, AB

  • Member of Psychological Association of Alberta

  • Registered Psychologist, College of Alberta Psychologists

  • Discernment Counselor, DRI Alliance for Marriage and Divorce Professionals

  • Certified Imago Therapist, Imago Relationships International

beautiful life and fulfilling relationship
Look for improvement in yourself while remaining yourself.

How to "Live by Design"

If you're feeling dissatisfied or stuck, counselling can give you the tools to design more of what you want into your life. Working together, we may:

  • Focus on specific issues and situations, and examine them without judgment

  • Gain a deeper self-awareness of your own thought patterns and behaviours

  • Quiet the mind with meditation / mindfulness to get to the deeper thoughts that would love your attention

  • Discover how you contribute to the current condition of your life, so you can draw power and motivation from personal accountability

  • Learn new ways of relating with yourself and with others, by teaching you to be committed to "think about your thinking"

  • Inspire you to take action, to make thoughtful changes based on what you want to design into your life

This is your  life, and you don't have to live in black and white.

YOU get to chose how to color your life, and YOU get to add the special shades and hues that are unique to you. That’s why I hope you call now and schedule an appointment, and together, we can help you begin living your life well by design.