What is Divorce Counselling?



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Divorce Counselling involves working with a counsellor who is trained specifically to handle the psychological aspects of the divorce process.  Divorce Counselling occurs at the same time you are working with a lawyer as your divorce proceedings occur. The counsellors’ role is to provide emotional support and guidance, as well as to mediate solutions to problems relating specifically to changes the spouses and the family may experience. To be in Divorce Counselling you are already engaged in a divorce process.

If, however, you are looking for counselling to help you figure out if you should pursue a divorce you will want to consider Discernment Counselling, which is  different than Divorce Counselling. Discernment Counselling is counselling that is specifically designed to help you figure out if divorce is an option to consider.  

Discernment Counselling is short-term counselling, between 1 – 5 sessions and aims to help you gain clarity and confidence in making a choice as to the direction you take your marriage.