Here’s what Discernment Counselling offers you:


Discernment Counselling

Discernment Counselling is a new type of counselling specifically designed for couple’s where one person is leaning out of the marriage and the other is leaning in. It is common for couples to feel hurt, confused, sad, angry, anxious, hopeless, scared, or resigned when divorce is being considered by one or both partners.

Often, couple’s get stuck in deciding whether marriage counselling could work or should they simply file for divorce. Discernment Counselling is NOT marriage counselling.  It is a type of counselling that helps couples look at options and figure out what path to take, whether that’s divorce or working on the marriage or staying in the relationship as it is.

Discernment Counselling offers a brief time out so that each person can take the time to better understand their role in the breakdown of the marriage. They also have a chance to gain more clarity and confidence in the decision they chose by getting a perspective from a trained professional in the area of marriage and divorce.  If the couple chooses divorce, the process of working through Discernment Counselling has the potential to create a more constructive divorce.


Discernment Counselling is short-term, typically 1-5 sessions. Call me today to schedule an appointment to help you figure out the next step in your relationship.