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Couple’s Counselling is for people who are in committed relationships where both partners want to be together but they may be lashing out at their partner and misdirecting intense emotional frustrations because they don’t know how to deal with frustrations in a more effective  and safe way.

If you are trying to change your relationship dynamics from hurt, anger, frustration and confusion to a relationship that is kinder, more loving, supportive and safe, but you don’t know how to go about it, I’d love to work with you and help you come to know yourself and your partner on a much deeper level.

I have seen tremendous personal growth and relationship growth with many couples who are ready to commit to the sometimes frustrating and difficult process of marriage counselling.  My personal blend of counselling, skills-based practice sessions, and detailed teaching of how to have Safe Conversations®, provides couples the opportunity to fall in love all over again, but this time in a safe and deeply connecting way.

If you are a couple needing support and guidance with your relationship, please call now and we can begin the process of healing your relationship.