Communication Tips and Techniques: Advice to Strengthen Your Relationships

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Good relationship communication is the foundation of a healthy partnership. All relationships have their share of ups and downs, but maintaining healthy communication with your partner helps you better deal with misunderstandings and establish a stronger partnership.

Benefits that come from communicating with your partner:

  • Trust - Communication builds trust and eliminates insecurity. When there is trust in the relationship, you and your partner can be more comfortable, relaxed, and true to yourselves.

  • Acceptance - Effective communication promotes acceptance. We are better able to be honest about our shortcomings without the expectation of judgment and criticism.

  • Support - All couples go through relationship challenges. Talking openly with your loved one helps each person feel supported.

  • Understanding - Talking and sharing gives you the opportunity to get to know each other better. When your partner knows you well enough, it helps him/her to understand where you are coming from.

Communication tips and techniques:

  • Make Small Talk - Seemingly “insignificant details” about our daily lives, when shared, are more likely to boost emotional ties with your partner. Sometimes, mundane and fleeting moments have a stronger impact than so-called emotionally “meaningful” or serious conversations.

  • Pay Attention to Nonverbal Signals - Communication is more than just talking about your feelings. It’s not about what we say, but how we say it. Paying attention to your partner’s body language, tone of voice, and eye contact can be worth more than words. Observing nonverbal signs requires time and patience, but it will help you become more attuned to what your partner is really conveying.

  • Be Open and Honest - In a healthy relationship, being honest about your feelings allows you to be open about yourself and your partner. Hiding your emotions and pretending that everything is alright can eventually result in bigger problems.

  • Listen Carefully - To establish good communication, it’s vital to listen. Knowing that you are being heard can cement a feeling of connection with your partner.

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  • Never Assume - Assumptions and “mind reading” are often the root causes of misunderstandings and hurt feelings. Reach out and ask questions instead.

  • See Their Point of View - In a conflict, we often want to be understood and heard. While it is understandable to try to get our partners to see things our way, try putting yourself in their shoes. This better enables you to understand their situation and explain yourself better. It can also help to resolve the conflict faster.

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When you understand how to effectively communicate with your partner, you will be surprised how easily you can make decisions together, resolve conflicts, and share your love for one another.

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Wendy Hart