Simple Ways to Make Your Partner Happy

Sometimes we get so caught up in our busy lives, we forget to make our partner feel special and appreciated. Fortunately, you don’t need to exhaust yourself to express your love. Here are some simple ways to make your partner happy:

listening without solutions

Listen without offering solutions

Most people simply want to be heard. When they do not ask for advice, and you give it anyway, you imply that your partner does not have the ability to solve the problem. Rather than saying, “Here is what you need to do,” have an open ear and be curious about your partner’s situation. Ask questions. Often, your partner just needs someone to listen and help them figure out the solution on their own.

Set down the phone

One of the best things you can give your partner is attention. This means being fully present when you’re with the person you love. When they are talking to you, put your phone aside and make eye contact to show them your attention is all theirs.

Do something new together

Some say the “honeymoon stage” only lasts a year. After that, the relationship does not have to go downhill, nor is lack of spontaneity a bad sign -- it just means partners need to be proactive. Research shows that couples who spent time jointly trying new and exciting activities were more satisfied with their relationships. These efforts don’t have be elaborate; try visiting a new cafe, going on a road trip, or learning a new sport together.

Show your appreciation

Whenever you feel frustrated with your partner, list the things about them for which you’re grateful. Let your partner know something they have done that made a difference in your life. Is your partner a good cook? A great listener? When your partner feels appreciated, he or she will be happy to continue those behaviours.

Spend time with their family and friends

Getting to know the people your partner loves or cares about can reveal a lot about him/her and ultimately strengthen your relationship. Even if you do not particularly like your partner’s friends or family, try to get along with them. Look for common ground upon which you can build.

Affirming your partner and their feelings and needs is key to a respectful, loving relationship. Be creative, fun, and consistent. Ask them what things you do that make them happy – perhaps you’re doing more than you realized.

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Wendy Hart